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I am Hector Del Valle, MSW, a nationally recognized, award winning bilingual public speaker, disability advocate and mentor.

Spending the past 38+ years experiencing life from my wheelchair has brought me to many interesting places.

I draw from those experiences to help others overcome challenges in their own lives through the social and advocacy work I do.

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Take A Ride With Me ♿️

My 38+ years in a wheelchair has still taken me to some great places. 

1983 Hector gets nationwide recognition as he graduates high school and gets a phone call from President Reagan

Hector meets President Reagan in 1985 in support of the national minimum drinking age bill

1984 Hector shares his story with Regis Philmin on national television

1983 Hector shares his story on CBS teen program

1986 holds hands with Brooke Shields on the George Washington Bridge for Hands Across America

1986 Celebrity Brooke Shields' autographed photo to Hector

1989 Hector meets Fania Allstar, 
Tito Puente at Madison Square Garden 

1989 Hector meets Fania Allstar, 
Celia Cruz at Madison Square Garden

1989 Hector Meets Phil Simms NY Giants Quarterback on the set of an anti-drunk driving commercial

1989 Hector promotes national billboard campaign for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

1985 Hector shares the stage with President Reagan At Bergen Pines high school New Jersey Making national news. title

1989 Hector at the press conference for a new educational video on substance-abuse “talk drugs out” with governor Kean. Hector is presented with the game shirt of George Martin from the New York Giants. title

Hector receives a signed autographed by
Kool and the Gang

Hector speaks at a charity fundraiser which channel 2 news anchor Jim Jenson behind him and Governor Kane on the right

2020 Hector has his degree in social work and continues to advocate for equal rights for people with disabilities and Accessible drug and alcohol treatment programs for people with all disabilities.

June 1983 Hector accomplishes his first goal to be present at his high school graduation nine months after his accident. Hector also received a card from President Reagan that same day wishing him the very best his graduation was national news.

2020 during COVID-19 pandemic Hector speaks with other disability advocates through a new way of connecting with people around the country with Zoom chats


“For 30 minutes Hector had our group mesmerized. People are usually uncomfortable around people with a disability…not so with Hector. I would invite him back in a New York Minute” 

David W. Welday III

“The Most Effective, Touching Speaker On Subject of Alcohol and Drug Abuse” 

Governor of NJ Thomas H. Kean

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