HDV, Hector Del Valle speaks to numerous schools, educational institutions and community groups seeking to learn, find comfort and to live a more balanced life. 

HDV Speaks to schools

School kids think they are invincible and need guidance. Hector shares his own experience with junior high, high school and college students alike. 

HDV Speaks to those recovering

HDVSpeaks to individuals who are recovering from addictions or from a physical disability and balancing the busy schedule of medical appointments, therapy, home and social issues that arise and also about other set backs that our bound to happen.

HDV Speaks to medical students

HDVSpeaks to medical students on topics such as “bedside manners” with individuals recovering from a physical injury both temporary and permanent.
HDV also assists physical and occupational therapist on the best approach when seeing these individuals for the first time and the language that’s used to speak with a new patient.

HDV Speaks to communities

HDVSpeaks to various community groups and organizations on how to live a more balanced life. 

Notable Stats From HDV

1 in 4

Americans with a disability


Deaths from drunk driving in 2018


Babies born with spina bifida annually


Annual spinal cord injuries

National SCI Statistical Center

Read more Spinal Cord Injury Facts and Figures

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